Afrocentrist Claims to Minoan Civilization Destroyed by New Genetic Report

Afrocentrist claims that Africans originated Europe’s oldest civilization in Crete have been nixed by a new DNA study which has shown that the original population of that island were European. The theory... Read more »

Rochus Misch: The Last Survivor from Hitler’s Bunker

On 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler took his own life in the Reich chancellery bunker in Berlin, with Soviet troops only a block or so away. Today, the last person still alive... Read more »

The Real Genesis: Ice Age Lion Man Art Re-dated to 40,000 BC

The antiquity of European civilization has been underlined once again with the re-dating and discovery of more pieces of the famous Lion ManIce Age sculpture from Swabia, Germany, to an incredible 40,000 B.C.... Read more »

Chapter 55: The White Man’s Burden—South Africa

Chapter 55: The White Man’s Burden—South Africa The story of the white settlement of the southernmost part of Africa differed from all the other European colonization experiments in one important way: only in... Read more »

Chapter 58: Murderer’s Bay—the Race War in New Zealand

Chapter 58: Murderer’s Bay: The Race War in New Zealand The European settlement of New Zealand differed greatly from that of Australia because the native population, known as the Mãori, offered real,... Read more »

Chapter 65: The Racial State—the Third Reich

Chapter 65: The Racial State—the Third Reich The figure of Adolf Hitler towers over the twentieth century. He, and the state which he created, National Socialist Germany, remains one of the most controversial... Read more »

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As far as I can see, this seems to be the only volume available on this subject. Masses of books on the history of other races, but political correctness has kept this... Read more »

March of the Titans: A Reader’s Review

By Nick Grifford. I originally anticipated writing a book review of Arthur Kemp’s majestic March of the Titans. In the process of doing so, however, I found my writing meandering significantly from... Read more »

About March of the Titans

March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race By Arthur Kemp B.A. (Pol. Sci., Intl. Pol., Pub. Admin) First published 1999. Reprinted every year since then, and continuously updated. From the... Read more »

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