Eastern Europe Comes into Focus

The city of Prague, Czech Republic.

February 2016. Eastern Europe is, as predicted in Nova Europa, rapidly coming to the fore as a bastion for the preservation of European civilization. For this, we can ironically thank western European liberals and Angela Merkel in particular, who, for reasons of their own, have decided to dramatically accelerate the nonwhite invasion of Europe.

As pointed out in Nova Europa, Western Europe, for the last thirty years, has been steadily taking in an increasing number of Third World immigrants, driven by their deliberately race-blind worldview.

The same process has been underway in the US ever since the 1965 Immigration Act, and shortly after that, in Australia as well, where immigration policies were deliberately shifted away from their previously European origins to allow mass Third World immigration.

This steady stream of Third World immigration has been much like the proverbial “frog in the boiling water” analogy—where, as the theory goes, a frog in a pot of water which is slowly heated up is cooked before it realizes it is in trouble, having steadily adjusted to the gradual temperature change.

The parallel being that Europeans—and Americans—have gradually adjusted to Third World immigration to the point where they now stand at the point of becoming minorities in their own countries.

Eastern Europe has, for a number of reasons, been largely spared this process: firstly, due to the fact that until 1990 they were locked down behind the Iron Curtain, and secondly, because the richer west of Europe offered better pickings for the Third Worlders.

The sudden mass invasion of Europe which started in 2015 when Merkel officially opened Germany’s doors has disturbed this frog in the boiling water scenario. Now, no longer is the water slowly heating up, but it is suddenly scalding.

Eastern Europe has reacted as one would expect all healthy life forms to react: with horror at the thought of being boiled alive, or, in real terms, being overrun by the Third World within a generation (as Germany seems intent on doing).

It is the Eastern European nations which have built the fences to keep out the invaders.

It is the Eastern European nations which have refused to agree to Merkel’s plan to “distribute” the “refugees” among the European Union (EU) member states. (It is even possible that the Eastern European states may yet be forced out of the EU because of their refusal to accept the suicidal policies adopted by the western European states—and anyone interested in that aspect should keep an eye on the Visegrad group of states which has emerged, as a potential alternative to the EU.)

In addition, the nations of Eastern Europe have demonstrated a political willpower to resist, which is not seen at all in the West.

It should not be forgotten that the vast majority of the population in all the western European nations vote en masse for parties which supported—and continue to support—the mass Third World invasion.

As Nova Europa pointed out, those Europeans who seek to preserve European civilization will, at some stage, have to accept a simple fact.

This fact is that the deliberately race-blind white liberals, and the stupid, uninformed, or disinterested whites who appear to make up the majority population of many western European states, are not going to be “saved.”

In fact, their liberalism, or ignorance, is going to act as a huge natural selection process. The stupid, the weak, the ignorant, the childless, the liberals—are all going to be weeded out—just by being themselves.

Eastern Europeans have, however, reacted as a healthy people should: they have rallied to parties which have declared their opposition to the Third World invasion.

In an almost clean sweep of the elections, Poland voted in the Law and Justice party (PiS) which is completely dedicated to preventing Poland turning into a Third World squatter camp.

In Hungary, the soft-conservative Fidesz party has been forced—by popular opinion—to adopt the majority of the policies of the Jobbik party—and is hugely popular as a result.

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria, have all in one form or another, already indicated their intention not to be colonized by the Third World.

Finally, the nations which lie further east: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, and “white” Russia (that is, Russia west of the Urals), have not even been tested on this topic yet. There is, however, little doubt about on which side of the fence they will fall—even in the Ukraine, once they stop their own mad civil war.

There can be little doubt that within the very near future Eastern Europe will take on the mantle of defender of European civilization, and, ultimately, the European heartland which will serve as a homeland and regeneration point for the European people.

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  1. Thank you very much for this article I was beginning to wonder if anyone was noticing what was going on in Europe. I love the Kindle version of “March of the Titans” as well as the printed version which I am now reading as a refresher after reading the Kindle version. I only just found your website and am delighted that it exists and that it is beautifully presented!

  2. It is good that Europeans won’t likely be lost in totality, but losing western/northern european genetics is still troubling.

    Fortunately even if that’s a dead loss in Europe itself, that is the main genetics which went and created Canada, USA, and Australia. I would expect at least a few from each to make it. It seems that USA has about a third of the entire white population of the planet, assuming that most people who report as white on the census aren’t mixed race.

    At that point though, who can say what any nations or borders will look like. I suppose it’s possible to recreate England from people from other sources of the same stock intentionally learning all the proper accents, because these things have been documented. It would just be a monumental effort.

    The worst part is in seeing this coming, and more than likely that list of people, such as the liberals, will simply dismiss all of this even if they hear it. They just don’t see how it could be possible. Even as they unintentionally plot it themselves.

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