New Study: “A Genetic Atlas of Human Admixture History”

March 2013. A fascinating new study whose online component has an interactive DNA map has provided a dramatic visual overview of the racial history of selected groups around the world—and has confirmed... Read more »

The Faces of Ancient Rome

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Chapter 55: The White Man’s Burden—South Africa

Chapter 55: The White Man’s Burden—South Africa The story of the white settlement of the southernmost part of Africa differed from all the other European colonization experiments in one important way: only in... Read more »

Chapter 65: The Racial State—the Third Reich

Chapter 65: The Racial State—the Third Reich The figure of Adolf Hitler towers over the twentieth century. He, and the state which he created, National Socialist Germany, remains one of the most controversial... Read more »

About March of the Titans

March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race By Arthur Kemp B.A. (Pol. Sci., Intl. Pol., Pub. Admin) First published 1999. Reprinted every year since then, and continuously updated. From the... Read more »

Purchase “March of the Titans”

March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race (Single volume edition) By Arthur Kemp. The complete history of the white race, spanning 350 centuries of tumultuous events. This is a story–of... Read more »

Prologue: Some Important Facts

 Prologue: Some Important Facts    Crucial to the understanding of the theme of this book and its related volumes is an understanding of the concepts of race, ethnicity, and culture. Race, Ethnicity, and... Read more »