The Ethnostate

First published in 1993 by the author of The Dispossessed Majority, this seminal work on ethnonationalism lays out the practical and moral necessity for the creation of a European ethnostate, either in America or Europe, as the only way in which the European people and civilization can be saved from the imminent swamping of the First World by the Third.

This book does not deal with the “how” of such a state is to be achieved, but is rather focused on why it is necessary and what its structure should be.

After first properly enunciating the need for a smaller homogenous state—as opposed to minority status in a large polyglot country—he delves into what should the preferred political structures, economic systems, educational standards, moral and social norms, the requirements of art and culture—and almost every other facet of an organized society.

This, he argues, is necessary to regenerate European civilization after what he sees—and appears increasingly likely—as the final collapse of the United States of America, and, very likely, Western Europe under a Third World tsunami.

“Events are proving that America, as we have known it, is beyond saving. The Majority, that is, the Northern and Western European elements of the population, has lost whatever chance it had to recapture the country it ruled for more than two centuries. Defeatist as it may sound, this does not mean it is too late to save the Majority as a people. . . .

“The beauty of the ethnostate is that, although it rests solidly on race, it promises great benefits to all races. In no way does it suggest the superiority of any one race, subrace or population group.

“A small, preponderantly EuroAmerican state cut out of the dying husk of America would be a step forward, not a step backward, in statecraft.

“Westerners who are obsessed with the dismaying dysgeny of the modern world and refuse to consider the time factor and its restorative powers are simply not being realistic. There is a mountain of optimism out there for people who take the long view.

“Men and women of European descent who note the decline in their numbers have a right to worry about the future, since numerically most other peoples are either holding their own or increasing. But even here there is room for optimism. Accepting 800 million as the current world population of Europeans, either in their original homelands or overseas, this figure is at least eight times higher than it was half a millennium ago. If a race can octuple itself in five centuries and reduce its size by half in three or four generations, as now looks to be the case, the least that can be said about it is that it has a very flexible birthrate. Such flexibility might enable it to reverse its present decline by increasing its current fertility rate by only 30%.

“Europeans seem to go through cycles of massive energy outputs—the Dorian invasion of Greece, the folk wanderings that ended the Roman Empire, the settlement of North America and Australasia, the overrunning of Africa and considerable parts of Asia. Who can say that we have seen the last of such racial dynamism?

“If a state perishes, the damage is not necessarily irreparable. The founding race may still be around, still fertile enough to engender other states and other cultures and civilizations.”

About the author. Wilmot Robertson was the pen name of John Humphrey Ireland (1915–2005). Born in Pennsylvania, Robertson studied at Yale and after serving in the US Army during World War II, had a successful career in journalism and advertising. Concern over where America was headed persuaded him to write his most famous work, The Dispossessed Majority, in 1972. The success of his book persuaded Robertson to start his equally famous Instauration magazine, which was published from 1975 to 2001. He died aged 90 at home in North Carolina.

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