March of the Titans: A Reader’s Review

By Nick Grifford. I originally anticipated writing a book review of Arthur Kemp’s majestic March of the Titans. In the process of doing so, however, I found my writing meandering significantly from the strict path to such an extent that I finally decided to use the voluminous history of the White Race loosely as a muse rather than subject it to critical or exhaustive analysis.

It is difficult and frustrating to witness the systematic destruction of the Occident and the human beings whose ancestors dragged the concept of civilisation from the fragmented dreams of lesser men and constructed something unique on this planet.

There are many of us that comprehend our plight and there are degrees of understanding. The majority of our people, on the other hand, do not and cannot make the requested mental connections to appreciate the severity of our dire situation.

It is therefore incumbent upon us, the enlightened folk amongst our generally blinkered herd, to keep the flame burning and attempt to resist our imposed genocide.

The first and perhaps the most important task is to educate our young. In order to fully realise the forces availed against us, the true nature of our cause and attempt to formulate future survival strategies, it is essential to find ourselves again – to rediscover our past before we can ground ourselves in the present.

This is where Arthur Kemp’s work is, I feel, extremely important. It lifts the veil on the ‘falsified sciences’ and firmly leads the pupil away from the system-approved dogmas that exist solely to distract and discourage our own people.

The epic timeline, rooted towards the end of the last Ice Age some forty five thousand years ago, slowly branches upwards encompassing the lost tribes, significant discoveries and achievements of our kind.

The Liberal lies have been stripped of their reflective varnish and the raw truth, well supported by contemporary research, is evident to all those able to adopt new ideas and discard the implanted distortions of our enemies.

It is with just such a book that all parents should instil within their offspring the importance of race and the indelible requirement of our people to survive as a distinct and cohesive tribe.

This is compounded by the implied theme of March of the Titans; our long history of miscegenation – of struggle, achievement and decline through racial mixture.

Contrasting modern inhabited areas of the world’s surface with ancient European civilisations of the past, it is clear that race is far more important than any collection of peripheral factors in the rise and fall of White cultures.

Comparing the examples outlined in the March of the Titans with our present predicament is sobering, frightening in fact, and the ability to elicit such emotions in our posterity is vital if the ideology of racial survival is to become ingrained within them.

The formative years of our young people should be determined by us and us alone.

The superfluous education that our establishment spews out like so much syrup-laced poison must be countered early and a complete understanding of the history of our people can, I believe, go some way in achieving this.

Armed with the knowledge of our past and cognisant of the everlasting mistakes that disparate European tribes have made, new generations of our kind may well be better positioned to exist under increasingly difficult conditions.

The answer to the tricky (albeit loaded and despicable) question, why should the White race survive becomes clear, obvious and imperative to those who have absorbed the contents and connotations of Arthur Kemp’s work. That is a significant and crucial achievement.

We have, and to our immense detriment, lost much valuable knowledge but there is no more critical a loss than that of our identity.

Without a connection to our predecessors, the Continuum of our race is fractured and fragile.

The religious instincts of Modern Man have been stripped or subverted and the remaining void supplanted by a motley assortment of materialistic, self-gratifying and self-abasing philosophies.

The personal benefits of this New Religion can be extensive during the lifespan of the individual concerned but it inevitably grows malignant and will eventually result in the extinction of the entity to which the individual belonged.

The sole deterrent to this encroaching catastrophe is knowledge and the dissolution of decrepit ideas, both in terms of the destructive agendas of our enemies and the unadulterated immolation of our kind made manifest through racial mixture.

Our movement, if it can truly be termed thus, will not take root or endure unless we recruit into our ranks those willing to cast aside the cloak of fear and deceit that has been cast about our shoulders by our political traitors and their nefarious masters.

To do this requires an iron will and the inflexible conviction to disregard comfort and personal ambition in favour of the long term good of our people.

This is an enormously difficult procedure but it is viable given a structured and racially conscious educational process.

There are no quick solutions, no miracle elixirs, and it is clear to many of us that the democratic process is merely a tool by which to keep us emancipated, compliant and on the road to Hell.

The vast majority of our people, the consuming and democratic herd, have consistently displayed their inability to tackle difficult and uncomfortable issues or to adapt to the increasingly treacherous conditions imposed upon them.

We must therefore become introspective and resolve our own internal struggles before we are ready to engage the macrocosm.

The herd will follow when they are forced out of their complacent lifestyles and their personal ambitions are made futile, but we must not delude ourselves that this will be done voluntarily.

Evolution occurs through the continuous exertion of pressure, nothing else will alter the course that we currently follow.

Perhaps this book represent a last ditch attempt to draw a line in the sand and counter the bigotry and falsehoods peddled by the cronies of the New World Order, that global cabal indoctrinated into the ranks of the new religion of economics and atomised self-interest.

Or, and if skilfully utilised, this book could symbolise the beginning of our resurgence.

Through these pages scream the voices of our ancestors; from lost burial chambers and long forgotten tombs, and de profundis, they implore us to avoid their monumental errors and pick a greater path through life.

Once again we must partake in the eternal upward striving that has marked out our kind as separate from the other tribes of man.

It is with a sense of pride, hope and reverence that Arthur Kemp’s work should leave us with, rather than a portentous foreboding of history repeating itself.

It is the truly beaten man that accepts defeat and wallows in pity and forgets that even the down-trodden can force themselves back to the light.

The formulation of new ideas and fresh approaches must be our focus and we should be able – and humble enough – to discard that which has not succeeded thus far.

For as long as we persist in our attempts to solve our remarkable problem then there is hope for our children.

If we fail and indulge in personal fulfilment in spite of our cause, then we doom our posterity to an unknown future of potential destruction.

It is our duty to, and at the very least, stretch out our bodies upon the ground so that they may use our broken forms to clamber toward the top of the prison wall.

Our survival transcends everything currently about us, be they our material possessions, profession or those concepts that are far less palpable, but it does render them meaningless.

Our survival reaches back beyond our prehistory, predating even the chapters of the March of the Titans, to a spark of life that, as far as we can determine, has happened nowhere else in the cosmos.

Connecting the past to our present and projecting that divine formula to its inevitable conclusions must be our task and we should grimly take heart in the fact that no others have shown themselves fit to even think it, let alone attempt it.

Should we prove to be yet another weak link in the eternal chain of the great Continuum then there will be none left to compile our history or tell our stories, we would have failed utterly and that is not an option.

The question of why should the White race survive should not even require an answer, it is simply a fact.

It is the undeniable conclusion of millions of years of evolution and it must be treated with a righteous zeal overshadowed by nothing else.

It is also answered within the pages of Arthur Kemp’s highly recommended history of the White race.

March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race, available here.

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